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If you or a loved one has been arrested for a criminal offense in South Carolina you may be facing serious jail time, hefty fines, and/or a permanent mark on your criminal record. In South Carolina, criminal offenses are separated into two categories: misdemeanors and felonies.  Felonies are more serious crimes and usually carry larger penalties.  If a criminal defendant is convicted of a felony, sentences can range from mere probation to life in prison.   If you are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, call us today.

A criminal conviction can have a significant impact on your future. Not only can you face the real possibility of incarceration, but you also have to contend with a conviction’s effect on your ability to maintain employment, purchase a home, apply for educational programs, apply for loans, and more. Given the complexities of criminal law in South Carolina, it is vital that you seek the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact The Law Offices of Perry B. DeLoach. Jr., LLC today at to discuss your case and explore your legal options.

Criminal Courts in South Carolina

Criminal Defense Attorney - Greenville, SC

South Carolina’s criminal courts are made up of magistrate courts, municipal courts, and the Court of General Sessions. South Carolina’s General Sessions Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all misdemeanor and felony charges whose possible penalties are more than one-year incarceration. While it has concurrent jurisdiction with the magistrate and municipal courts over all charges, these lower courts generally handle charges whose possible penalties are less than one-year incarceration.

If you have been arrested. you are likely to be given a bond. You will only be held without bond if the judge finds you to either be a danger to the community or unlikely to appear in court. Defendants are often released on their own personal recognizance and are not required to post money with the court. Some bond amounts are quite high however, and often defendants are offered no bond at all. If you cannot afford your bond, or if you are not given a bond, you will likely be detained in the county jail pending your trial or some alternative resolution of your criminal charges. Motions can be made to have your initial bond revisited by a judge. These hearings can result in the bond amount being reduced, allowing the defendant to get out of jail pending the resolution of his or her charges.

Criminal charges can be resolved in many different ways. First and foremost, your criminal defense attorney needs to investigate your case thoroughly. If it can be shown that law enforcement did not properly follow the law in your case, your attorney can use this information to negotiate your case, or even obtain a dismissal of the charges.  Additionally, depending on the severity of the charge and the criminal statute involved, defendants can be offered diversion programs as an alternative to pleading guilty or going to trial. Successful completion of these programs can result in the dismissal and expungement of the criminal warrants.

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Criminal Appeals

Criminal offenses should not be taken lightly. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney that you can trust to handle your case. Attorney Perry DeLoach prosecuted for six (6) years in both Pickens and Greenville counties. He has handled everything from traffic offenses to murder. The Law Offices of Perry B. DeLoach, Jr., LLC can help you understand the nature of your charges, investigate the facts of your case, apply the law to your specific situation, and advocate on your behalf. Our Firm serves criminal clients in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson and Pickens counties, but we can help you regardless of where you are in South Carolina.  If you have been charged with a crime and need help, please call The Law Offices of Perry B. DeLoach, Jr, LLC today for a FREE CONSULTATION.