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What are civil appeals?

Criminal Appeals

Civil appeals exist in courts to review decisions of law and determine whether or not the law was accurately and impartially applied to the current civil case. Generally, negatively impacted parties bring appeals. An appeal in South Carolina is defined as, a review by the South Carolina Court of Appeals regarding what happened in the lower court, to determine whether any mistakes occurred and, if so, whether the party who filed the appeal is entitled to have the decision of the lower court reversed. Civil appeals are very time sensitive and knowing the requirements can prevent a party from losing the chance to appeal. You need an experienced appellate attorney to ensure that all the specific requirements are met for your appeal. There are many specific rules and requirements for filing an appeal and if a single step is neglected or forgotten the appeal is in jeopardy. For example, if the notice of appeal is not timely filed or the filing fee is not paid in full, the appeal may be dismissed.  Often times, these dismissals are final. Therefore, it is essential to your appeal process that you hire a competent appellate attorney as soon as possible.

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